Hydromedia: Seeing With Water invites 12 artists via open calls to create experimental artistic methods based on co-authorship with nature to promote citizen engagement in ecological water management strategies. The project will run from Jan 2023 through Dec 2024, with three institutes each hosting four artists for a one-month residency. Hydromedia focuses on the crucial role that water plays in our lives and aims to address environmental challenges while highlighting its life-giving qualities. The project will culminate in a group exhibition at the Technische Sammlungen in Dresden (DE), accompanied by a publication.


HYDROMEDIA is an artistic research program on innovative strategies for ecological water management. The participants are invited to develop lo-tech artistic tools to engage a large audience with the local problems of the climate crisis.

The project will run in April 2023 hosted by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (BE), in October 2023 by HKU in Utrecht (NL) and in April 2024 by HfG Karlsruhe (DE).

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Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Belgium
Inge Henneman & Steven Humblet
in collaboration with Stormkop and Natuurpunt

Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, the Netherlands
Taco Hidde Bakker & Sjoerd Knibbeler
in collaboration with IVN Natuureducatie

Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe, Germany
Vanessa Bosch, Matthias Bruhn & Susanne Kriemann
in collaboration with NABU

Hydromedia mobilizes the arts to visualize the Green Deal (area 7) agenda in tangible ways so to promote transnational dissemination and audience engagement. The project is co-funded through the E.U.'s Creative Europe programme.

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05/10/2023, On Thursday 5 October the Utrecht University of the Arts (HKU) will host a public symposium highlighting philosophical, ecological, scientific and artistic perspectives on water. Speakers include philosopher René ten Bos, designer/curator Henriette Waal, artist Suzette Bousema, artist/filmmaker Ugo Petronin, geographer Els Otterman, and scientists Sven Teurlincx, Lisette de Senerpont Domis (Netherlands Institute of Ecology) and Annelies Veraart (Radboud University). All presentations will be held in English. Stadsschouwburg Utrecht (Hekmanfoyer), 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM. Address: Lucasbolwerk 24, Utrecht. Please register for the free symposium here: https://www.hku.nl/en/events/hydromedia-artist-in-residence


23/09/2023, Within the framework of the Hydromedia exhibition at Stormkop, Antwerp, three artists will give free workshops in which they introduce their working methods. Mirja Busch, Puddle Watching (10:30AM–12:00PM) Jarek Lustych, To See a Sound (11:00AM–1:00PM); Sascha Herrmann, The Camera as Testing Tool (1:00–4:00PM). The main aim of these workshops is to spread experimental and easy-to-use methods of looking at and working with water, so as to heighten awareness of our interdependency with non-human beings and natural forces. Participation is free, but please register following the link at the bottom left of the information sheet (see pdf below)


22/09/2023, The Royal Academy of Arts Antwerp and Stormkop are pleased to invite you to the opening of the first Hydromedia exhibition. This exhibition collects the results of the first four artists-in-residence, who worked on site in Antwerp near or in the Scheldt estuary in April 2023: Mirja Busch, Jarek Lustych, Sascha Herrmann, and Tim Theo Deceuninck. Opening at Stormkop, Droogdokkenweg 4, Antwerp: Friday 22 Sept. 2023, 6 PM. Exhibition runs through 7 Oct. 2023.
More info: https://www.ap-arts.be/en/node/4378

03/04/2023, 2-day public lecture and presentation programme at Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and Stormkop. With Dries Segers, Boaz Levin, Arjen Mulder, Laure Winants, Ronny Blust and Dirk Pauwels, and a Stormkop Safari by Koos Hogeweg.


Utrecht Introduction Week

4 – 6 October 2023

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Antwerp Exhibition at Stormkop

22 September – 7 October 2023, Antwerp

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Photograms of the Last Resilient Eels

Sascha Hermann used experimental photographical processes to create light refractions, colorimetry, and bioluminescence.

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Camera Obscuras

Tim Theo Deceuninck turns holes into cameras

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Sounds of Schelde tides

Jarek Lustych: Schelde can be considered as an expression of cooperation between agents

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puddles and rain cycle

During the residency in Antwerp, Mirja Busch worked with puddles and the rain cycle.

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Antwerp Introduction Week

3 – 6 April 2023, Antwerp

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