Jarek Lustych - Sounds of Schelde tides

"A taut string immersed in the river current becomes the axis of interspecies understanding. Although the mechanism of this phenomenon is easy to grasp/explain, its nature is not. The string vibrates due to the force of the current acting on it. The manifold of these vibrations, and thus the complexity of the sound, is a derivative of the inherent instability of the flow. Concurrently, the string itself is a disturbance in its essence, and as such, it increases the aforementioned disruptions. The sound originates below the surface of the water but then travels as a wave along the string to the resonating box/electromagnetic transducer. According to this position, Latent Voice - Schelde can be considered as an expression of cooperation between agents - the human operator of the disturbing string and the non-human river whose flow disturbances determine the melody."

  • Jarek Lustych